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sign XML CAP1.2 documents

May 23, 2012 at 2:49 PM

We are attempting to sign XML CAP1.2 documents using SHA256. When I run the EDXL code from IPAWS_CAP12Proxy.cs it throws an exception "invalid algorithm specified" on the "signedXml.ComputeSignature()" call. We are getting the same result with our own independently developed project. Do you have an idea what we are doing wrong?  I tried converting the cert to pem and p12 using as disscussed with the same results.

I also tried the following:

RSACryptoServiceProvider Key = new RSACryptoServiceProvider();


signedXml.SigningKey = Key;


This does successfully sign and verify documents but does not validate on IPAWS.



Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Mark Dietel